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About Me

M.K. Bashar PMJF was born on 22 March 1971 in the family of Al-Haj Mohammad Shariat Ullah Bhuiya and Sakeha Khatun, an illutrious Muslim family who lived in the outskirt of Daruin, (Akhaura Police Station) in the district of Brahmanbaria, where he grew up & recevied his early education. Bashar made his way to the capital city Dhaka for further education after completion of his primary and secondary education.

Personal Details:
  • Name : Ln. M.K Bashar PMJF
  • Date Of Birth : 22 March 1971
  • Address : BSB Global Network,
    Plot 22, Gulshan Circle 2, Dhaka
  • Email : ln.mkbashar@gmail.com
  • Phone : +880 1720-557198
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Position : Founder & Chairman
Professional Profile:

M.K. Bashar PMJF is widely known as a visionary entre-preneur of education in Bangladesh, who is the Chair-man and Founder of BSB Foundation & the founder Chairman of Governing bodies of all the educational institutions under the umbrella of Cambrian Education Group. It currently houses over 14,000 students from all over the country in more than 17 campuses and 25 residential locations and currently employs over 1,600 Teacher and staffs.

Ln. M.K Bashar PMJF

A Visionary’s Biography:

Quality education enables people to develop all of their attributes and skills to achieve their potential as human beings and members of society. An enjoyable good quality education is the best approach to provide education for inspiring innovation to all learners with the capabilities they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being. It is also the best way to ensure capacity development to improve the quality of teachers and other education stakeholders.

As Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar’s dream to ensure quality education for all, since its beginning, BSB-Cambrian Education Group (CEG), run by the BSB Foundation, initiative at Dhaka in Bangladesh has required to develop the student learning experience. And by providing the resources and structure needed to inspire the creativity of teachers and instructional staff, CEG has run new opportunities and experiences for our students.

Simultaneously, Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar has ensured the Digital Education System from the very beginning. As a result, CEG is known as the First Digital Education System Introducer in Bangladesh. He believes, Digital Education both invests in technology and creates the original products to give students the tools they need in order to learn the skills they require in our fast-changing world. Their purpose is to transform the way people find, consume and teach educational content through a range of technologies, allowing students to learn the subjects they need to excel in their professional and personal lives. So, CEG continues to help support teachers and staff-led innovations and transformations in the areas of educational technology and digital media in teaching and learning, active learning environments, and teacher-staff professional development.

Achieving our 2021 goal, among our students were a responsibility as unfavourable as our population already is very large and it is increasing more day by day. The task is made more difficult. Because, our existing education system is not so structured to serve this population sufficiently nor are most financial aid programs.

Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar’s focus, therefore, is on the quality of teaching and learning for those who enter or who hope to enter pre-primary or primary or secondary or higher secondary or professional and higher education in the future. While wide and attractive access to educational opportunity across Bangladesh is essential, it is also vital that Bangladeshi students have access to the best possible education learning environment. And to ensure it, CEG wants to start, it’s own TV programs through the 1st & only one educational TV channel “Cambrian Television, CTV” in Bangladesh. What Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar is developing & achieving through CEG, wants to share with other educational institutions and all of our students at home or abroad. Since CEG’s beginning, Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar has organized different kinds of seminars, workshops, training sessions, health care campaigns to share CEG’s developed digital educational materials & other support services with all. Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar is committed to doing these activities, as he is dedicated his life for the core assignment of education remains the same whatever the era, whatever the institution, that is to enable people to learn.

Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar and his CEG have taken up ‘Vision 2021′ as a social movement in the spread of education. He & his CEG will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our independence in 2021. The objective of celebrating this occasion is to obtain an illiteracy free Bangladesh. The present government too has taken up a programme called ‘Vision-2021′ in the spread of education that is identical to ours.

Mr. Ln. M. K. Bashar firmly believes, it would never have been possible but for the co-operation of all. He looks forward to this continued support and co-operation from all concerned. He is offering all of us to join with his voice and to say, believe and implement together for the below slogans.

Now the best time to work together to achieve our 2021 goal!

Now the best time to ensure quality education for all to make a digital and illiteracy free Bangladesh by 2021!

Early Life of This Visionary:

M.K. Bashar PMJF was born on 22 March 1971 in the family of Al-Haj Mohammad Shariat Ullah Bhuiya and Sakeha Khatun, an illutrious Muslim family who lived in the outskirt of Daruin, (Akhaura Police Station) in the district of Brahmanbaria, where he grew up & recevied his early education. Bashar made his way to the capital city Dhaka for further education after completion of his primary and secondary education.


M.K. Bashar PMJF has traveled to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Netherland and over 75 countries round the world till to date in order to acquire knowledge and transform education in Bangladesh by applying his wide range of learning. He attended trainings and conventions to acquire new visions in the world of innovarion and technology.

Edu Entrepreneur:

An initiative by Ln. M. K. Bashar is the nationwide campaign "Cambrian Digital Learning" for the entire Bangladeshi students to have access to Internet. He has been working relentlessly towards fulfilling the Vision-2021, launched with a view to making Bangladesh free from illiteracy by the year 2021. The BSB Foundation has been honoring best teachers and education entrepreneurs and best institute with BSB Foundation Awards annually on the World Teachers' Day.

Several campaigns were launched to educate the rural people in the district of B.Baria about the effects of drugs under a program 'Madok Mukto Desh Chai'!

As part of the BSB Foundation mission, it assists the needy students with full scholarships, which creates well-deserved opportunities to further their education.

As a part of its mission, BSB Foundation offers full scholarships for the poor and meritorious students to achieve their higher education goals. BSB Foundation has been doing it over the many years.

An International Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which can be defined as "one who undertakes innovation as an effort to transform and upscale the economy". It is obvious that his success has reached the highest point in a short period of time since the inception of the college in 2004. Today the Cambrian boasts to be one of the largest private school and colleges in Bangladesh.

Ln. M. K. Bashar includes his social and cultural forms of entrepreneurial activity, that differentiates him from the society of Bangladesh and currently leads as a Chief Executive of BSB Global Network, BSB Travels, BSB Language Club and BSB Event & Expo Management, and is the Founder & Chairman of BSB Foundation, Cambrian School & College, Cambrian Television (CTV) Ltd. Cambrian International Study Centre, Cambrian Cultural Academy, Cambrian University, King's College, Madrasatu Saleha Khatun, Metropolitan school & College and Winsome School & College. He plays a pivotal role as the President of the "Foreign Admission & Career Development-Consultants’ Association of Bangladesh (FACD-CAB)" which has been widely acclaimed.

Since the inception of BSB Global Network in 1993 as a leading student placement agency in Bangladesh under the leadership of Ln. M. K. Bashar, has successfully sent over 50,000 students overseas to further their tertiary education. BSB Global Network was the initiation of Ln. M. K. Bashar's entry into the education sector and this exercise had positively built human capital, increased the knowledge development and employment opportunities for local empowerment in the country.

Social Empowerment:

Ln. M. K. Bashar, is a Life Member of Bangladesh Lions' Foundation and former president of Lions' Club of Dhaka Imperial, and has been serving Lion's Club International as the Regional Chairman.

Ln. M. K. Bashar is also a distinguished person in the country and in the community and he renders the social services some of which are: countrywide Blood Donor Camps, Eye Camps, Digital Learning Camps, Sanitation Camps, Educational Awareness Programmes.

Social Responsibility:
  • Council Chairperson [2017-18] : Lions Club International, MD 315, Bangladesh
  • IPDG : Lions Club International District 315 A2, Bangladesh
  • Former President & Secretary : Lions Club of Dhaka Imperial, 315 A2, Bangladesh
  • Chairman : Work for Education
  • President : Akhaura Nasrin Nobi School & College, Akhaura, B.Baria
  • President : Dhaka Commerce College Alumni Association
  • First AGS (1990-1991) : Dhaka Commerce College
  • Life Member : Bangladesh Lions Foundation
  • Life Member : ISKCON
  • Member : FBCCI
  • OtherWays Management & Consulting, Paris, France

Social activities:

M.K. Bashar PMJF is engaged with several social activities to encourage students and their parents. Like;

  • " HIV Awareness Programme
  • " BSB Foundational Best Teacher Award
  • " Best Educational Institute Award
  • " BSB Foundation Blood donation
  • " National Debate Competition
  • " Eye Camp - "Save the Sight" & " Mission Save Vission"
  • " Celebrate 'World Teacher's Day', 'Mother's Day', 'International Mother Language Day', 'World Poetry Day'
  • " Arrange and Distribute Flood Relief
  • " Donation of education materials to the Poor & Meritorious Students " Giving Hearty Reception to the Excellent Student
  • " Arrange Round Table Conference to raise awareness of Social Policy & Problems.

Lion's Club Achievement:

  • Joined in Club : Lions of Dhaka Imperial, 2004
  • President Council : Joint Member Secretary, 2006-2008
  • BIF Life Member : 2008
  • Club President : 2006-2007, 2007-2008
  • Best Lion : 2006-2007, 2007-2008
  • ZC With Clubs : 2008-2009
  • RC With Clubs : 2008-2009
  • Convention Secretary : 16th Convention, 2010-2011
  • Region Chairperson : 2011-2012
  • Leo Chairperson : 2011-2012
  • Region Chairman HQ: 2012-2013, 2013-2014
  • 2nd Vice District Governor : 2014-2015

A Publisher and An Editor With Passion to Make a Chance:

BSB Cambrian Publications have been publishing quality Academic and Non Academic publications nationwide. Ln. M. K. Bashar is not only an initiator of different dynamic activities in Bangladesh but also a contributor to publications for the next generation.

Ln. M. K. Bashar has served as the president of the editorial panel of the BSB-Cambrian Boi Mela Protidin, a courtesy newspaper that was published daily during the Ekushe Boi Mela, a very popular exhibition for the nation. Ln. M. K. Bashar not only focuses on text book publication for Bangladesh’s school, college & university students, but also publishing creative writings to greatly support all out development of the people in a formal and informal way.

In order to march alongside the vision 2021, all National Curriculum texts were converted into digital formats to enable the use of digital technology. At the Cambrian School and College "adopt a laptop scheme" was created, where every student enrolled was given a laptop to enable the use of application from smart boards to web applications and not to limit the boundary of technology.

A Dynamic Moderator and a Glamorous Presenter:
  • Presenter of a successful weekly television program titled "Challenge for Change" (100 Episodes) were aired on Boishakhi Television from 2008 to 2010.
  • Presents a health, nutrition related program titled "Shukhi Poribar" aired on national television, BTV.
  • Presents a popular TV program titled Uchcho Shikhkhai Desh Bidesh/ Higher Studies Home and Abroad on Channel-I, since 2007.
  • Presents another TV program titled "BSB-Cambrian Drishtikone" aired on Mohona Television every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • Over 500 topic-series by Ln. M. K. Bashar on Health, Education and Technology have been sponsored and aired on ATN BANGLA, a renowned private TV Channel.
  • His passion as a presenter elaborates the content of a topic to the audience and encourages discussions to find suitable suggestions for implementation. In the educational arena, his motivational presentations and information, interviews, briefings, status reports are of image-building in nature, and of course, the inevitable training sessions is part of the energy he has in leading his role as a visionary of Education.

No. Name of Channels Progams
1 Channel - I BSB-Cambrian Higher Education - Home and Abroad
2 Channel - I BSB-Cambrian Medha Bikash
3 ATN Bangla BSB-Cambrian E-ZONE
4 ATN Bangla BSB-Cambrian Youth Parliament
5 Boishaki TV BSB-Cambrian Challenge for Change
6 SATV BSB-Cambrian Youth Boys
Lion's Clubs International Award:

  • Governor Appreciation Award-2007, Presented to M.K. Bashar PMJF Convention Treasurer & District Chairperson Presented by Ln. Sk. Mohiuddin MJF, District Governor, Lions Clubs International District 315 A2.
  • October Service Week-2011, Awarded by A Awal Ahmed MJF, Chairman, 1st Vice District Governor (2011- 12) District-315 A2, Bangladesh.
  • Man for mankind' Presented By Nazmun Nesa Ali PMJF, District Governor in 17th Annual District Convention-2012, Lions Clubs International, District - 315 A2.
  • Gratitude Award- Presented by Nazmun Nesa Ali PMJF, District Governor in 17th Annual International, District - 315 A2.
  • Award for Promotional activities for lionism, Presented by Md. Nasir Uddin MJF District Governor (2007-08) Lions Clubs International, District -315 A2
  • First prize for blood donation Program, Presented by Mozammel hoque Lalu PMJF, District Governor (2009-10) Lions Clubs International, District -315 A2.

National Award Achiever:

M.K. Bashar PMJF has shown extra ordinary perfor-mance and contribution to Bangladesh and received honorary Awards for his outstanding contri-bution to nation building activities:

  • Atish Diponkar Agrasara Peace Gold Award" for contribution to building up Digital Education in Bangladesh. This award was presented by Hon'ble Speaker, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, M P.
  • Gold Award, Buddho Krishti Prochar Shongho 2011" for contribution to building up Digital Bangladesh. This award was presented by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasiba.
  • Atish Diponkar Shanti Padak 2012" for contribution to eradicating illiteracy in the society
  • "Deshbondu Chittoranjan Das Gold Medal-2011" for a generous contribution to spreading education.
  • "Honorary Award -2011" by Bangladesh Cultural Foundation for his contribution to spearheading education in Bangladesh.
  • "Sher-E-Bangla Memorial award-2009" for Promotion towards Education Efforts.
  • "Media Journalist Association of Bangladesh Award-2009" as an Entrepreneur and a Reformer.
  • "Bongobir Ishakha Gold Medal-2008" for his contribution to the educational arena.
  • "Financial Mirror Businessman Award-2004" for Edu Entrepreneurship.

M.K. Bashar PMJF has achieved over 100 national recognitions from societies, institu-tions and corporations

International Award Achiever:
  • "Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality & Excellence 2013" (Awaeded in Geneva, Switzerland) by Association of Other Ways Management & Consulting, Paris, France.
  • "4th Asia's Best B Schools Awards", Singa-pore, for Asia's Best Emerging School.
  • "Golden Star Academic & Educational Excel-lence Award-2013", (Mumbai, India) For Outstanding Contribution in Education.
  • World Marketing Summit, Malaysia-2013
  • "Best-in-Class Learning & Development Awards" (Mumbai, India) Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Innovation Learn-ing, M. K. Bashar PMJF, Founder & Chairman, BSB Foundation
  • "Best-in-Class Learning & Development Awards" Awarded for Innovation In Learn-ing, Cambrian Education Group, India
  • "Edupreneur Award, World Education Congress 2012", (Mumbai, India) for a generous contribution to spreading education.
  • "Education Leadership Award, Best B-School Award-2012" (Singapore) for a big contribution to education sector.
  • "Exemplary Leadership Award, Best B-School Award-2012" (Singapore) for his outstanding leadership in education sector.
  • "World Bizz Award 2012", (Barcelona, Spain) an award received as a visionary in Education and Outstanding leader-ship in enhancing himself as a world business leader
  • "Visionary In Education" Asia Leadership Award, Dubai for taking initiative step to Develop Modern Education in Bangaldesh.
  • "BIC Learning & Development Award", Mumbai, India
  • "Swaami Bibekanondo National Award-2011 for taking up the challenge of making the country free from illiteracy, by the year 2021
  • "International Star for Leadership in Quality Award-2011" (Awarded in Paris, France) for promotion of quality education in Bangladesh.
  • "The New Era Award-2010" (AWarded by World peace As a great visionary in Education.)
  • "World Peace Award-2012", Awarded by World peace Mission, Category of Digital Education.
  • "Asian Education Leadership Award-2012" Innovative Leadership Award", Dubai.
  • "3rd Asia's Best B-School Awards "Exem-plary Leader Award", Singapore.
Ln M.K Bashar, An Individual, A Father and A Devoted Husband:

Married to Ln. Kh. Salima Rowshan, and father of three adorable children, Bushra Arabi, Shara Arabi and Bashara Arabi has been living in a happy family with shouldering the responsibilities of an ideal husband and a caring father. Ln. M. K. Bashar, secular in attitude but religious in heart, has been found to be extremely ambitious, empathetic, industrious, outspoken, kind, and compassionate. As an Educational Entrepreneur, he has studied our nation and its capability. At all times he exhibits the primary activities to live life on the basis of hard work, tenacity, and intelligence. This intelligence is a remarkable ability to construct and run as a role model of our nation. Moreover he can be called a catalyst of our nation. For many he is a person whose footsteps are followed, to thousands, he is a great source of inspiration and to millions he is a legend.