A World Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which can be defined as “one who undertakes innovation as an effort to transform and upscale the economy”. It is obvious that his success has reached the highest point in a short period of time since the inception of the college in 2004. Today the college boasts to be one of the largest private school and colleges in Bangladesh.


Ln. M. K. Bashar includes his social and cultural forms of entrepreneurial activity, which basically differentiates him from the society of Bangladesh and currently leads as a Chief Executive of BSB Global Network, BSB Travels, BSB  Language  Club  and  BSB  Event  & Expo Management, and is the Founder  Chairman  of  BSB  Foundation,  Cambrian  School  &  College, Cambrian International Study Centre, Cambrian Cultural Academy, Cambrian University, King’s College, Madrasatu Saleha Khatun, Metropolitan school & College and Winsome School & College. He plays a role as the President of the “Foreign Admission & Career Development Consultants” Association of Bangladesh (FACD-CAB)” which has been acclaimed widely.


Under his leadership since the inception of BSB Global Network in 1993 a leading student placement agency in Bangladesh Ln. M. K. Bashar has successfully sent over 50,000 students overseas to further their tertiary education. This was an initial start of Ln. M. K. Bashar’s entry into the education sector and surely this exercise built human capital, increased the knowledge development and employment opportunities for local empowerment in the country.

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