A Dynamic Moderator and a Glamorous Presenter

Presenter of a successful weekly television programme titled Challenge for Change (100 Episode) were aired on Boishakhi Television from 2008 to 2010.

Presented a health, nutrition related programme titled “Shukhi Poribar” aired on national television, BTV.

Presented a popular TV programme titled Uchcho Shikhkhai Desh Bidesh/ Higher Studies Home and Abroad on Channel-I, since 2007.

Presented another TV programme titled “BSB-Cambrian Drishtikone” aired on Mohona Television every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00pm to 10:00 pm.

Over 500 series with the topics of Health, Education and Technology have been sponsored and aired on the national television (ATN BANGLA).

His passion as a presenter, he elaborates the content of a topic to the audience and encourages discussions to find suitable suggestion for implementation. In the educational arena, his motivational presentations and information, interviews, briefings, status reports are image-building, and of course, the inevitable training sessions is part of the energy he has in leading his role as a visionary of Education.

Programmes @ TV Channels


Name of Channel



Channel – I Higher Education – Home and Abroad


Channel – I Medha Bikash


ATN Bangla BSB–Cambrian E–ZONE


ATN Bangla Youth Parliament


Mohona TV BSB-Cambrian Drishtikone